Match Report
Boundary Oak School Girls-U8 Tigers vs  Conifers School
On: Thursday, 14 Oct 2021
Venue: at Home

This was a great little fixture with Conifers who brought 2 teams with them, we played 4 games on two courts each, which allowed us to let every Boundary Oak player play and get even more match experience. The girls played over the 2 courts with differing teams, so that we could see how well they are progressing and playing as set teams. The four matches that were played on the court that I umpired, Boundary Oak won the first game, Conifers then won the next two games, where we changed players and in the final game which was a very well played match it ended in a draw.

Both teams started to look for space and attack the goals they were shooting in, there was some great interceptions and players started to read the timing of passes better and finally all players, from both sides, were willing to take a shot and try and score for their team. Timing and speed of passes has improved greatly and it was lovely to see players looping round each other and even running off court and then back on to receive passes.

Well done both teams and keep the effort and energy going.